Travel Bloggers Needed!

Travel Bloggers Needed!

Are you a Freelance Travel Blogger? If so please get in contact with Oberland today as we are currently hiring Freelance Travel Bloggers to write travel related articles for our website. We are needing to create more travel related content to provide great travel advice and travel recommendations online on our website for all our Customers.


Topics needing covering:

1. General travel advice

2. Travel tips and tricks

3. Travel destination reviews

Job requirements:

1. Have a registered Australian Business Number under your name

2. Must be an experienced traveller with previous travel blog writing experience

3. Must be currently based in Australia

4. Fluent English speaker and writer

5. Be able to provide written articles between 500-1500 words on travel related content in under 14 days.


Most desirable candidates:

1. Have all requirements noted above plus

2. Have an active following on Facebook or Instagram or

3. Have an active travel blog website


How to apply:

Please email your business details and Freelance rate to our marketing team at

 Once we receive your proposal and details we will get in contact with you to discuss your application further. 

 Please note: Only a limited amount of Freelance positions are available, not all applications will be accepted

Already have content you wish to share with us?

Do you have a blog post or article already written that you wish to share on our website? if so please email to discuss your proposal further as we are also open to sharing other businesses travel related blog posts and articles.

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