The Freedom of Working Remotely

The Freedom of Working Remotely

Ahh Freedom, it's the smell of pine trees of a Forrest, the salty sea air on a beach and the coffee of a groovy café. It's the best feeling to be free and happy. Then comes life, a hard hitting slog fest of work, work and more work that pushes us to our limits and wits end with so much stress. Many of us lack freedom feeling like we're stuck in a rut because we are overworked and are extremely time poor these days. Perhaps its the Hussle and bustle and expensive way of life of the 21st century or maybe it's because of our way doing things needs to change. One thing is for certain though, there is always an alternative even when it doesn't seem realistic or practical to do so.

Throughout history in dark periods of time we have seen evolution take place with technology and our way of life, from the dark ages with kings and queens with bows and arrows to the muskets of the American Civil War and so on. So much history and so much sacrifice made by many. In light of all these testing and troublesome times throughout history we have seen silver linings from time to time. Penicillin was found on mould, The development of nuclear weapons allowed medical equipment to be improved to fight cancer, jets in the second world war gave us the technology for commercial airliners of today. It's amazing to think the internet was originally designed by the U.S Military for only military use as ARPANET during the height of the Cold War. You see its clear as day that during these struggles during a crisis we focus so hard and can come up with solutions faster than when not in a time of crisis. Perhaps its our survival instincts kicking in forcing us to work harder and smarter. We as a species have always sought to improve our way of life no matter how hard or long it takes us to find the solution. Our love for life and our loved ones spearheads this quest to improve humanity. 

2020 was by far the most difficult and challenging year for modern times. The challenges we faced globally to help combat COVID-19 impacted our daily lives and will never be forgotten. Lockdowns forced businesses to close and if a business was not closed they would be scaled back operating remotely to the best of their ability. Luckily during the pandemic some workers they were able to keep their jobs as essential businesses could still operate to some capacity. One of those steps needed to be taken since 2020 included working remotely from our homes. Many people experienced this remote working way of life for the very first time. At first it was a shock for most of us to see these measures taken. However I for one was pleased to see many businesses both in Australia and globally take the necessary steps to help keep their business open to stay afloat and to retain workers during the pandemic.

No one likes to see people become unemployed, its crippling for individuals, families and it hurts the economy in a big way. The COVID-19 induced recession on the global economy has cost the world trillions of dollars in extra debt and lost incomes. Sadly millions have lost their lives to the virus and millions of jobs were lost. Despite all the turmoil and economic upheaval the world has experienced recently lessons have been learned and new methods have emerged for our new way of life.

One of these methods I mentioned earlier is working home remotely or working remotely overall. Not being tied to a desk is a very liberating experience, it allows you more freedom and you can be more autonomous in your own work setting. We saw this way of life emerge years before COVID-19 arrived with the rise of bloggers and vloggers on social media travelling around the world documenting their travels. Many individuals sick of the 9-5 routine commuting to a city office decided to chuck it all in and go exploring to liberate themselves from the rat race.

One day on my travels during my first European adventure I too got this "itch" to work remotely and keep exploring. I thought how cool it would be to jump on a train go to a new country and work from my laptop. It was not impossible to work remotely it was done time and time again as seen on social media. Sadly for me I decided not to chuck it all in like many others before me as I still felt the urge to build a career at home. 

The good news is you can still get this awesome feeling of working with more freedom even by just working remotely in your hometown. There are so many upsides to working remotely these include:

1. More time spent at home with family

2. No commuting to work (if working from home)

3. More autonomy less micromanagement

4. More privacy

5. A more comfortable work setting

6. Less carbon footprint (by not driving to work)

7. Less car running costs

8. Less stress

9, Better health and happiness overall

10. Cheaper operating costs for businesses

11. More possible tax deductions

It's exciting to see some businesses are now actually preferring to have their employees working from home more as they see the cost savings in not having expensive commercial office leases and by having less equipment needed to operate. The real winners for the working remotely trend have been the corporate office workers as they used to have a desk at an office block but now use their homes as their office. It gets even better, how about this for recycling on a different level we are now seeing vacant office blocks turned in apartment buildings. Who likes to see a building become mothballed? no one does, just think of all the energy and materials it takes to construct an office block.

Going forward in a post COVID-19 word I can definitely see the trend of working from home becoming more part of the norm for working in the 21st century. This new trend will help people feel less stressed and gain more happiness. As like other struggles in history we have learned a new way of life and that there is an alternative for the workers of today. You no longer have to do the 9-5 rat race like previous generations had to put up with as we now have the ability to work from home anywhere anytime with the click of a button, how cool is that! This is life changing we now can effectively work in a setting that almost does not feel like work. Happiness and the cost savings will go up and I strongly believe workplace stresses will go down with workers who make the switch to working remotely. I strongly encourage businesses and workers that if you have the ability to work remotely do it! both businesses and employees will have a great benefit out of it. 

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Written by

Max Norton

Founder & CEO